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VIP Logbook

Manage, Track and Juggle Like a Pro!

VIP LogBook helps staffs manage, track and juggle VIP’s and their requests efficiently. This tool will enable organization-wide collaboration and coordination of customer service ensuring that balls don’t fall through the cracks. VIP organizes your contacts and their preferences through custom categorization, field-level tagging and full text descriptions. LogBook tracks, juggles and keeps the organization reminded of tasks that have been requested by customers and guests. Quick LogBook views can be sorted by guest name, status, due date, task creator or task assignee and can then be used as both an operational or management tool.

VIP LogBook snaps your organization into order by managing tasks from start to finish. Your staff can share detailed up-to-the minute information across departments. Reminders or alarms keep your staff on their toes and on time delivering requested service to customers. The system is very easy-to-use and fast and can give your organization the needed boost in delivering the ultimate in customer service. (Click here for system requirements). VIP LogBook is the essentials of Customer Relationship Management for pennies on the dollar!