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About Us

Our mission is to provide businesses in the travel and hospitality sector with operational solutions to cost-effectively enhance customer service.

Compcierge USA® provides businesses with snap-in solutions for information and technology. Through proven and emerging information and telecommunications technologies coupled with extensive experience in software development and high speed Internet, Compcierge USA® stands alone in the creation of B2B technology solutions for the hospitality, travel and multi-family dwelling unit markets.

Our current line of products and services include
  • VIP LogBook
  • Compcierge City Software
  • Events Plus
  • City Content Data Services

Compcierge USA® is a privately held company with corporate headquarters located in Metropolitan Washington, DC.

Executive Team

  • Thomas Fong, President and CEO

    Tom is the founder of Compcierge USA. Tom's entrepreneurial energy and vision have shaped the city intelligence opportunity into a saleable, sustainable business product.Tom has 20years experience in database and systems support serving both the private and public sectors. Tom holds a B.A. in Finance and Economics and a M.A. in Information Systems and Business Management from the University of Maryland. He began his career working for companies consulting in the federal sector. Specifically, Tom supported the FAA for several years in database management and technology evaluation. Much of his early research involved data storage media as well as hypertext markup language (HTML) linkages to access text data. On his own time, he began developing a rudimentary city intelligence system with a back end database in dbIII+ and a user interface driven solely by the arrow keys on a keyboard.The easy navigation of the system of a database populated with substantial amount of city information (primarily restaurants) intrigued several hotel property general managers in the Washington, DC area.Compcierge USA was taking its first steps in the hospitality marketplace.

  • Chris Barnes, Vice President of Business Development

    Chris Barnes is a seasoned sales and business development professional with extensive experience developing and building information technology businesses in the hospitality and multi-family dwelling industries. Chris’s experience has been gained at every level of sales through management and the executive level. Chris has built national sales organizations from the bottom up and has been successful with a number of companies leading one from startup to IPO with a market cap in excess of $1.2 Billion. Chris has held a variety of positions at companies like National Data Corp, CAIS Internet, and Matrics Technology. Chris holds a B.A. degree in Business Management and Marketing from Morehouse College.

  • Bowen Fong, Administration Consultant

    Bowen is Tom's brother and has consulted with him on strategic issues as the Compcierge USA product has matured through the past several years. Bowen is the President of Globewise, Inc., the company which has provided employee leasing and human resources support for Compcierge USA to date. Bowen's technical background includes a B.S. degree in Chemical Engineering and 3 years with the Department of the Army as a reliability engineer.He also holds an MBA from the University of Michigan.His post MBA career has focused primarily on the contact center industry with tours in finance, marketing, sales, operations and customer service. He has built and managed centers with greater than 400 total employees and 200 seats. More recently, under Globewise, Bowen has consulted to various companies in both the commercial and federal sectors as they built, deployed, and assessed their contact center and teleweb strategies. A partial list of clients include the United States Postal Service, the United States Senate, Motorola, Cable & Wireless, WorldCom and IBM. Bowen's background in all aspects of contact center management will be leveraged in Operations, Finance, and Human Resources support.